mClub FAQs


Are the vendor sponsored campaigns going to be product specific or more general education about disease states?

It could be both. It will depend on how the manufacturer chooses to participate.

Do the manufacturers generate the content that is delivered with the Premium package?

Yes and no, the manufacturers can choose to either create their own content, or just sponsor one of our educational campaigns.

On the emails/texts going out on the campaigns, there is an option where you can just send to “clients in the top 20%”. What does that entail if a client is in the top 20%?

They are the top 20% of practice sales for that group of non-compliant customers.

Do practices receive the marketing campaigns through email, text or phone call?

Marketing campaigns are available through email and text for free. We also offer posters, handouts and postcard options for each campaign at an additional charge.

What are the client unsubscribe rates with the monthly outreach?

With our previous campaigns, our average unsubscribe rate was very low at 0.06%.

Are the vendor sponsored campaigns specific to what the practice would like to sell (i.e. BI only or Elanco only campaigns)?

The only campaigns the manufacturers have so far are general (non-product related) topics like dental month, pet travel, senior health, etc. However, practices will always have 100% control over which campaigns they do or do not send to their clients. So, if there is a product specific campaign and it’s a product they don’t carry, they would just choose not to send that campaign.

How much do the postcards cost for the campaigns?

$0.65 per postcard.

Can a practice have a campaign created if it is not already available through the system?

Yes, our Premium package allows practices to request custom marketing materials at any time. If practices sign up for our Marketing Subscription (Custom level), they can receive 5 free hours of custom marketing as well.

Is there a way for the practice to block a client from receiving a campaign?

Absolutely, if they have this client blocked in the practice management software (PIMS) from receiving texts or emails, mCompass does recognize that. Also, in the Practice Portal there is a Do Not Contact List that they can add clients to. This will prevent the client from receiving the campaigns via email and text.

Many of us cater to mixed animal practices. For those practices, will we have marketing campaigns, marketing material, and educational pieces that include small animal, equine, and food animal?

Currently the campaigns are for small animal only. The primary issue with food animal is the margins associated, and this leaves little funding for other programs. We do look to include equine in the future. The practice can also choose to create their own campaign through clinic marketing, and we can send it through the mCompass system for them.


The competitive matrix is great for thinking about how to position mClub. Will we have a chance to see what the competitor’s platform looks like?

The only way to do that would be if a Midwest rep gets access from someone that has the competitor’s service and is willing to share their login information.

Will practices that signed up for AllyDVM be able to continue that service and not enroll in mCompass, or will they have to be removed from mClub altogether if they don’t switch?

Practices will not be removed from mClub if they don’t want to do mCompass, they can remain on mClub Basic.


Can a practice use their partnership program $$ to pay for the monthly mClub fee?

Yes, absolutely.

On the practice facing side there was a slide titled “Your Campaign Orders”. There is a “value” column. Is that an actual charge being assessed on top of the monthly fee to the client?

The campaign orders section is referencing posters, postcards and handouts. For posters and and handouts if they choose to print those within their practice there is no fee but if they choose to print those through our printing service there is a cost for printing. For postcards the cost is for postage and printing.

On the new mClub enrollment form, the Basic is $39.95/mo. Is there still the free option if they grow their business? Are the growth total sales, core sales or specific product sales?

Yes, mClub Basic is mClub as it is today. The $39.95/month can be waived with 15% growth. The 15% growth is in total sales with Midwest.

What if a clinic has 3 locations and 1 database? Would they only be charged $249.99/mo?

If it is one database, then it would be the one charge of $249.99/mo.

What is the postcard price?

$0.65/each and that is including postage as well.

When does the first month of mCompass invoice?

We do not invoice for the first month of mCompass until after we do the installation and training with the practice. So, day one starts after they’ve been trained rather than when we install the system.

mClub Customer Engagement

Will there be a dedicated mCompass team for questions and customer service from practices or will that land on the OSR? If there is, will support end at 3PM PST time like the rest of Midwest departments?

Yes, there will be an mCompass Customer Engagement Specialist team. We will stagger their end times to include later hours in the evening.

What does the end user see mClub/mCompass as?

The pet owner will see their practice’s information. They won’t see anything that says mClub or Midwest Vet Supply. The Pet Portal is completely branded to the practice.


What is the set-up time from start to finish? How much work should the practice anticipate doing upon set up? What is the ongoing time requirement to manage mCompass once a practice has it?

It depends on the availability of the practice. Some practices are difficult to reach for scheduling the set up and training. There is a 5 to 10-minute setup, and a 30 miute training webinar (could be longer depending on the number of questions from the practice).

Once an application is submitted, how long is the estimated install period before mCompass is up and running?

We have gotten some up in less than a week. We have others that schedule and reschedule appointments, miss phone calls, there can be accounts where the servers aren’t updated properly, so it really depends on the practice. Overall, the average is less than two weeks.

Is there an expectation of a level of business that a clinic should be doing with us for us to offer this service? Or can it be offered right from the start?

The goal is to put a fence around our best customers in hopes that in turn they will be a loyal customer to Midwest. The Basic plan should still be reserved for those customers. However, the Custom and Premium levels of mClub can be offered to any customer.

mClub then contacts the practice after enrollment to get access to their software, correct? How long of a process is this?

Yes, the mClub Customer Engagement Specialist will contact the practice within a day or so, to get the practice’s preferences, and schedule a time with the practice for installation. The next day we will verify that the information is flowing through, then we will call the practice to let them know we are ready to schedule a time with them for training.

Can only mClub members sign up for mCompass? I’m assuming we sign them up for mClub and mCompass at the same time and they get all the benefits of basic mClub too?

Yes, practices who are mCompass will automatically receive the mClub Basic benefits as well. 

Can we sell mCompass to non-mClub members?

Yes, all practices that are interested in mCompass will automatically become an mClub member.

For current mClub customers, do they need to sign an additional enrollment form to switch to mCompass?

Yes, all mClub members are on the Basic level. If they wish to change to the Custom or Premium levels, they would need to fill out a new enrollment form.

mClub Features

For walk in only practices, will there be a way to turn off appointment requests on the client facing side of the portal?

Yes, appointment requests and reminders are easily switched on or off.

What’s the difference between mClub and mCompass?

mClub is the marketing group, mCompass is the name of the software that runs the reminder system and marketing automation for mClub.

As for the appointment requests, how does the pet owner receive confirmation that their request was approved?

When pet owners request a new appointment (also including boarding and grooming), practices can instantly reply to their request via email or text message letting them know they received the request.

How long does it take for postcards to be mailed once submitted/ordered?

The cut off for ordering postcards for a campaign is the 10th of the month prior to the campaign month. This allows our printers ample time to print and send. They are also mailed at the beginning of the month.

How far out can the client see that vaccines are due? How many days/weeks/months?

For vaccine reminders, the client is notified twice that it is coming due. The first time at two weeks before they are due, and a second time at one week before they are due.

Does this mCompass offer surveys?

Yes, post appointment surveys. If the pet owner scores their visit a 4 or 5, they will be directed to an outside source of the practice’s choice (Google, Facebook) to leave a review as well.

Can practices use texting?

Yes, we have two-way text messaging where the practice can reply to their pet owners through their portal.

Can our text messaging be scheduled for a certain time?

The medical reminders do have set time frames that they run, and they are not customizable by the practice. However, they will see what reminder is going out in their dashboard and can remove anyone that they do not want to receive the reminder. The practice can also schedule how far in advance they want the appointment reminder to go out, anywhere from 1 – 30 days before an appointment.

What is the list of variables that they can create for reminders? Example: if a clinic can specifically target for thyroid patients, bulldogs, allergy etc.

The reminders will send out for every type of pet. The practice cannot customize which type of clients receive reminders.

Is there an email and text limit?

There is no limit.

Is there a mobile app?

Not at this time, however the portals are formatted to be mobile friendly.

Can mCompass show the client their actual prescription or what the vet recommended the client? Can they see what prescriptions they are on?

On the View Your Pets tab in the client portal, it will show vaccinations and wellness exams that are either coming due or past due. On the View Your Invoices tab, clients can see all their invoices and what they purchased from each invoice.


Can the clinics do mass texting to all clients or just specific clients?

The clinic cannot send a mass text, but they can send a mass email. The closest feature we have to a mass text is through the compliance campaigns.

If they change appointments the day of, will clients get continuous texts annoying them?

The information on the portal is for the previous days information. If an appointment gets changed, it would be reflected in their mClub portal for the next day.

mClub Tiers

What is the difference between Basic 15% growth and Basic $39.95/mo.?

Basic 15% growth is free if the practice agrees to expand and grow with Midwest by 15%. Basic $39.95 you get all the same benefits as the free version, but the practice does not need to agree to grow 15% with Midwest.

What are the differences between the 3 levels of mClub and what is offered in each level?

Look at the mClub pricing sheet as it lays out the differences and prices nicely.

Needing to have mCompass in order to get the other mClub benefits may be a hard sell if they aren’t a tech savvy or modern practice.

A practice will not need to have mCompass to have “mClub Basic”. mClub Basic is mClub without mCompass and without any email campaigns. You’ll see once you have access to the demo site that mCompass is super intuitive and easy to use even for the least tech savvy people. If a practice doesn’t have in practice internet or email, then they won’t be a good target for mClub/mCompass.

What if you are getting ALL the practices business and they don’t have room to grow 15%? What happens if the practice you signed up only grows 14%? Do they get charged back for the year for not reaching the 15% threshold?

To date, no one has been charged for the Basic level, and should we start charging, it will be communicated internally as well as externally so that everyone is aware.


Will this allow MVSO to drop patient orders/meds into their patient file after their online purchases?

It is something that we have discussed, however there are certain concerns when you start writing back into a system. For example, if incorrect data gets written back and something were to happen to their PIMS, they would blame us since we have that access.

Is there a way for clients to access the practice’s online store through their portal?

Yes, if the practice has MyVetStoreOnline or any other online store, we can link that within the Pet Portal, so it is easily accessible to the clients.

Is Midwest the only company who owns their marketing and online store? Is this a selling point?
  • Covetrus owns a couple of client communication platforms (Rapport and VetStreet), an online store (Vets First Choice) as well as several PIMS.
  • MWI owns AllyDVM for their client communication platform. They do not own an online store, but they are invested in VetSource online store.
  • Patterson owns a client communication platform (ePetHealth). They do not own an online store, but they are invested in VetSource as well. They also own Intravet PIMS.


Since mCompass is tied to their PIMS, if a practice’s PIMS system fails will it bring down the client compliance tool as well? If a practice changes PIMS systems will they have to set another appointment with IT to have it set-up again?

If their system goes down, we will not be able to have the data connection, we will be alerted that it is down, and can then contact the practice to see what the problem is. If the practice change PIMs, they will not lose any of their data, but we would need to complete another install for the new system if compatible.

Any concerns of going into PIMS that are owned by our competitors?

No, we have access rights to 10 PIMS currently.

Will not connecting with all PIMS be an issue?

We have most of the non-cloud-based systems already. With the cloud-based systems (i.e. EZvet) we are unable to add them currently.

Is mCompass compatible with the classic Intravet?



If a customer opens the portal on their phone, will it be compatible enough for them to work through?

All portals have been formatted to be mobile friendly.

Is there online booking?

Yes, there are two ways Pet Owners can book through the Pet Portal and we also offer a widget that can be placed on the practices website for direct booking.

I couldn’t view the One Drive folder on my iPad. Is there any way to put the links in an easy to find folder on our iPads? Like Good Reader?

We have added all the detailers that are in the One Drive into Good Reader. They can be found in the mClub folder, in a folder called “3mClub Powered by mCompass Tools”. We also have a detailer in there with the updated links for the teaser video and the system demo.

With the decline service campaigns, how is this accessed in the client software? Is it considered to be a service code?

It can be a service code or SKU. We will take that info and program it into the system.

Do the manufacturers have access to the compliance data/practice data?

No, only Midwest and the mClub team have access to the data, and we will not provide that information to anyone unless the practice requests it.

What does the data security clause/form, stipulate?

It is so practices can be reassured that data privacy is a priority for Midwest. We will not sell their data, we will not use their data to communicate with their clients other than on the practices approved request. We also will not give the pet owner level data to any vendors.

How do we counter the protectiveness a doctor has over their client database? What assurances can we provide them with?

Midwest is taking every step possible to secure our information. We have even had professional hackers try to penetrate our fire walls and they have assured us that we are secure. We have also created a certificate of guarantee that can be offered to the practices, as well as it is stated in the enrollment form and tri-fold brochure.

Does any of the synchronization of information have to be done in person or is it all remotely?

It is all remotely. The 5-10 minute set up call is all that is needed.

What are the computer system requirements to run mCompass? Does a specific web browser need to be used?

They are webpages, and they will work with any browser.

Does the practice require a different login for mCompass than If so, can they set them up to be the same or are the formats/requirements different?

The mCompass login is their Midwest account number without the leading zeros, and we can set their password to be whatever they like.

mCompass is downloaded to their server, correct?

The install is on their server. We do a 15-minute call with them during business hours to set up an unattended session. Then after hours when the practice is closed, we go into their system to complete the install.

Can the practice have access from all computers for all employees?

Yes, multiple staff members can access the portal at the same time. The only issue we have seen is when two people try to login at the exact same time. One of them will get an error message but they would just need to re-login to get access. We also have a limited portal available to practices if they prefer that certain staff members shouldn’t be able to view different sales statistics within the practice.

Is there a wait time for clinics to be in the system? If so, what is the wait time window? Is this for the Pet Portal, or just new clients in general?

Our system updates every night, so any changes or new customers added will show up in the mCompass system the next day.


Is there a more in-depth demo being developed? Will there be webinar demos available like we do with MVSO?

The OSR’s are conducting the demos in person for mClub powered by m For ISR’s that do not have OSR’s, they can reach out to mClub to schedule a demo webinar.

If a customer wants to see the software, can we schedule demos like we did with AllyDVM?

Since mClub is owned by Midwest, we do not have a team for Demos like we had with ALLYDVM, the OSR’s and ISR’s are the rep for this service. We have a demo site for the reps to use for demos in person, as well as a demo video that can be used until the reps are comfortable with presenting on their own.

Are practices locked into a contract when signing up for mClub? Or can they cancel at any time?

No we do not lock them into a contract, yes they are free to cancel at any time.

mCompass provides several easy ways to communicate with clients. The customer service has been great - quick response, willingness to look at ways to potentially modify/change something to meet our needs even more and so pleasant to work with during the install! mCompass has provided a way to up our communication game with our clients without sacrificing privacy.

King Veterinary Clinic

Our clients really like getting the postcard reminders when vaccines are due. We have had considerably fewer 'no-shows' since we started doing the text reminders for appointments. Overall it is helping us make our practice more digital and streamlined.

Le Mars Vet Clinic

It has educated our clients in an easy way without taking over client's email accounts with too much information. Also reminds clients of our new online store on regular intervals.

St. Anna Veterinary Clinic

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